Maurilio Monsù

Android Developer | Graphic Designer | Web Developer

About me


My projects are simple and user friendly, infact I'm their first user.


I'm graduated in Computer and Electronic Engineering at University of Messina (Italy).


I like to spend some time exploring our world and watching movies and TV series.

About me

Hi, I’m an Android and Web developer and I live in Sicily, Italy. Currently I spend my days studying and working as freelancer developer.

My passions are designing and developing custom websites and usuful apps that bring real solutions to my users. I’m extremely passionate about coding and design in all it’s forms and i like helping people to improve their online presence. I’ve started as an Android developer when I was 16 years old. My first project was an app to control phone credit of Italy mobile network operators. I then came up with the development of smartphone applications, realizing the UniConnectMe application and many others.

I’ve always been interested in anything about the fantastic IT world. So I decided to study Computer and Electronic Enginering, that allowed me to aquire excellent teamwork skills, adaptation and the knowledge of new languages.


Every day I continue to increase my skills about Android and Web development.

I am able to work with InkScape and Illustrator to customize my works. I created many icons and vectorial images, I also have a profile on IconFinder. I worked with Java, Python and C language and I'm able to use PHP and MySQL to create usuful website and web application.

I attended many training courses to improve myself like a Front-End/Back-End Developer course for WordPress, provided by the association "Lo stretto digitale" and "Your Inspiration".

I also follow the local Google Developer Group to know the last updates from Google and its platforms.

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Computer is a bicycle for our mind.

Steve Jobs

My works

Messina Bus & Tram is the quickest and easiest way to see all bus and tram timetables in the City of Messina and in the metropolitan area of Messina. This is a free app for tourists and citizens.

With "Messina Traghetti & Aliscafi" mobile app, you can see all ferries timetables in Messina's Strait. This free app lets you identify all the different ferry service connects Sicily and Calabria.

A simple set of icons in Material Design. Each icon is intuitive and is created using simple and minimal forms. Optimized for all resolutions and platforms thanks to the vectorial format.

All icons are in the flat vector style and respects the standard of Material Design, however, they differ from "Material Square Apps" by the radius corner.

A simple set of icons in Material Design with all alphabet letters. This icons are perfect for use in favicon or in chat profile image. You can use the icons for commercial use.

I made this Sketch for Arduino to control a DC to DC buck converter. The controller is made by two PI and a current protection to control the risks of overcurrent.

A One Page Website that shows and describes me and my works. Made with the Bootstrap framework, it is simple, friendly and responsive to use with all devices.

Brochure website realized with Wordpress to present Silvia Ripoll Lòpez, Spanish artist who thanks to smarfonpittografia has established herself in the nebroidea scene.